Today, I cheated on my boyfriend


So today I cheated on my boyfriend – with my boyfriend.

“What??” “HOW??”

Great questions friends!

I have been with my boyfriend for four years. Some great, some ehh and some downright shitty. Lately, our single friends had been enjoying the joys of internet dating and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t intrigue me just a little. But hey I’m in love and to be honest the thoughts of being with anyone else makes my skin crawl!

There is something seductive about it though. The idea that you can talk to someone, no strings, no problems or responsibilities. I mean, this person doesn’t even really know you, so you don’t have to tell them all your insecurities all at once. A clean slate, so to speak.

So how did I end up cheating on my boyfriend? Technological roleplay! We both downloaded an app called OOVOO, it’s kind of like Whatsapp, but nobody we know has it!

We changed our names and didn’t put any pictures up in our profiles and we began to text. It was weird at first, because obviously I knew it was him! Then, something changed we really got into our roles. (Nothing dirty, get your minds out of the gutter!) We flirted like we did when we first began to see each other, and it was nice to reconnect with each other.

Four years is not a long time, but it is long enough to begin to take each other for granted. Especially when pressures of college or work or even family can drag you down. This gave us an escape, a chance to be cute and flirty and not stress each other out with anything else. To just be us. I mean you’re not going to take out your frustrating bad day on a stranger, especially not one you fancy!

It’s early days yet, but it seems promising! Let me know if you’ve ever done anything like that! I’d love to hear your stories too!



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