Practice makes perfect


Sometimes I find that I am the biggest hypocrite in the world. I really do believe that my advice is sound. Stay active, keep moving and accept the things you cannot change. But it is by far the hardest thing to practise what you preach!

But that’s what it takes – practice.

I make endless “to-do” lists, that literally don’t end. I start a million and one new things to keep me focused and yet never finish any of them. It’s not hard work and dedication that gets you there. It’s brute force and ignorance. I have to force myself to get up, to take a shower and function like an everyday human being. This is difficult when you don’t have a job or a reason to get up in the morning.

Then I had an epiphany, the reason to get up in the morning is so simple. YOU. You are the reason that you keep going and if you’re not you should be. I have attempted, more times than I can count, to make somebody or something else my raison d’etre. Let me tell you something right here and right now, IT DOES NOT WORK.

You have to want to be the best version of yourself, for yourself and nobody else. Because nobody else can tell you who you are. It would be easier if that was the case, but alas, it is not!

I am not saying that once you have accepted this fact everything will automatically feel better and you will automatically want to jump out of the bed. It’s rather the opposite. This isn’t the final stage of self-acceptance, it is only the beginning.

We all see those people that are genuinely contented in their own lives. I can’t speak for you but I know that I often hold hostility toward these people. I resent them. I resent them for the ability to maintain an unwavering sense of self awareness. They know who they are and they do not define that based on their physical appearance, or their career or their partner or their anything for that matter! It is fantastic and beautiful and they radiate that beauty from the inside out.

My goal is to use an old phrase, that my and I’m sure everyone’s mother at some stage told them:

“If you cannot beat them, join them.”

I am a great person for making plans and saying I will do something and never following through. (i.e. not posting on this blog everyday – which was my intention.) But this time I really aim to commit.

My final thought of all of this is to pick one thing, see it through and worry about the rest after. With that in mind, rest assured you will be seeing a lot more posts from me and if you like the ramblings of a millennial mind – press follow and see what other bullshit I spew!

Song of today:

“Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up
And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up
And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough…”


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