My New Yorker submission 

A while back I gave myself an exercise to step out of my comfort zone. I started sending random pieces of writing for the consideration of various publications. (I should mention that none of these pieces have or will be published on this blog, such is the little faith I have in them upon reflection. This is why we edit!)

One particular submission was, as the title suggests, sent to the New Yorker. I fully believed I would never hear back from them but it made my soul warm to try. 

Months passed and of course I had forgotten all about it. But then! Then! Something incredible happened – they replied! 

I know you’ll laugh but hears the really weird part. I was happy. They actually replied, which meant it was not farfetched to believe someone there read it. While my submission wasn’t to their liking, (or really all that good in hindsight if I’m honest) someone took the time to sit and read my work and then had the decency to respond. 

I had felt like I had achieved something. I put myself out there to be judged and someone finally took the time out to acknowledge that. It didn’t make me weepy, it didn’t break my heart or put me off my dream. It strengthened me. 

Because now I’m one rejection closer to getting where I want to be. 

There may be many more to follow, but if the only way to get anywhere is to persevere through the rejection and work harder towards the “yes”. 

Song of the day:

“Been down one time

Been down two times

I’m never going back again”


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